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Two Becoming One is a ministry of Christian Family Life

Christian Family Life was founded to teach God's faith principles on marriage to couples so that they may know Christ more intimately and be freed to serve Him. Through counseling, small groups and seminars, the ministry and the Two Becoming One study have helped thousands of Christian couples build faith-based marriages.

  • 1971 - Christian Family Life founded by Don Meredith and Barry Leventhal featuring "performance to faith" relationship principles
  • 1975 - FamilyLife founded by Don Meredith, Dennis Rainey and others
  • 1981 - Becoming One published by Thomas Nelson
  • 1993 - Becoming One small group material created
  • 1999 - Moody Press publishes Two Becoming One
  • 2003 - New 8-week curriculum leader kit designed for small groups & Sunday school classes

Don and Sally Meredith are marriage counselors who have taught relationship principles for married couples, parents, and adult singles for over 30 years. They are the founders of Christian Family Life and authors of the book and workbook, Two Becoming One. The Merediths have four grown children and reside in Charlotte, NC.


"Because Two Becoming One has blessed our lives, we brought it to the larger church body. We have led numerous classes and continue to find couples blessed mightily through this study. Among the results are couples enjoying finding the depth of what God meant when He said "the two shall become one.""

Pastor Charlie and Maxine Marsolini
Church of the Nazarene, Eagle Point, Oregon

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